A Litmus Test for any Business Opportunity

What You Need to Know


  • 11 questions you need to answer about  ANY Business Opportunity Ad

How to Determine Credibility OR Hyped-Up Falsehoods?

1 Can you actually speak to someone immediately, not robots, through voice mail, or call-in, 800 pitches?

2 Are earnings proven to you? With verifiable deposits?  Or do they need your money to prove to you that they make money?  Strange but True.  

3 Is it a real company, not a program, gift deal, group or non-legal entity?

4 Is the service or product high ticket enough to make real money?

5 How easy or hard is it to get leads? At what cost? Are costs low?

6 Do have to do outbound calling? Do people call you excited?

7 Is the service/product in demand?

8 Is it MLM or leveled or tiered compensation? Can the product/service stand alone without levels? Can it be purchased by itself as value/retail sale?

9 Is the company or its marketing saturated?

10 Are there startup costs? Are they justified?

11 Is support really there?

Note: I spend 3% on marketing and make $3000 on a $3997 service/reseller travel club opportunity. Many weeks are $6000. Market more, make more. Sky is the limit. One a day?

Dream World Travel Club:

Steven Rafter, Independent Re seller, Business Opportunity Leader for the Corporate Office. Tel.: 239-319-0711 EST

You Are Not Alone On Your Journey

Business in a Box


Just to clarify: 

  • A  $6000 per week business in a box. 

You get:

A family club private (booking) web site. One Vacation pays for the membership. Now you qualify and are registered to promote the club and re-sell. 

I can direct and guide you to building a marketing web site like mine. www.dreamworldtravelclubs.com

My proofs until you get 2-3 memberships.  

My email language I send to inquiries. 

Sample ads. 

Seen in Las Vegas Magazine--Lettering for ads. 

How to set a Pay Pal account so you can take Credit Cards as payment. (HUGE BENEFIT)

I will show you how to get a personalized video, like mine. 

All the other docs. I sent you in the email: (4)

Welcome to Dream World Travel

Las Vegas Article

Here is what you need to know

$6000 a Week Business in a Box 

My 1.41 Minute "Too Good to be True?" Audio File.  

All of this I developed from scratch.   

Complete marketing book of lead and marketing sources and contacts so you can build a plan and get lots of leads.  

You will have a huge leg up compared to when I started which was simply a club.

Here to help…

Next Steps


1 $3997 by Wire to S.R. Inc. 

Chase Bank 

Routing:  325070760

Account:  Call for Account Number

Or Pay Pal


2 I send $997 to Corporate

3 Once received, the Corporate Office calls you go over the club

4 You are now free to resell

5 You will get a hard cover kit of the club at your business or home address. 

6 I will then send other material I developed to help you get started

That is it.