About Us

DreamWorld Vacation is one of the world’s largest travel and savings club offering its members discounts at over 350,000 merchants.  Just contact me  

to learn more about how you could become a travel and savings club member. I can also set up a date and time to walk you through the members only site, you will be amazed at the savings.

You and your family can enjoy the best for less, from a weekend in Las Vegas to a dream vacation in Hawaii, DreamWorld Vacation provides unparalleled value and service. Created with imagination and attention to detail DreamWorld vacation makes you a travel insider with access to special values, discounts and benefits. Below you will find a sampling of several locations which you can choose savings substantially below normal retail prices. DreamWorld Vacation will make “all your travel dreams come true”.

We are committed to giving you unparalleled customer service while helping you save money so you can live out all your travel dreams at prices normally not available to the general public.

DreamWorldVacation.com is a licensed and insured full service travel agency operating out of Las Vegas Nevada. DreamWorldVacation.com is the parent company of Dream World Travel and Savings Club and is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau. We maintain an A+ rating and have been in business for 12+ years. We are members of ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents) and CLIA (Cruise Line International Association). All of our vendors and wholesale affiliates belong to ARC (Airline Reporting Corporation) and have memberships in ITAN. Its principal owners have more than 30 years in the travel and wholesale travel business. Our philosophy is simple; bring a world class travel and savings program to the consumer and back it with unparalleled customer service. These pricings and savings would never be offered to the general public or available to you on the internet.


Most travelers, even seasoned ones are unaware of these savings. It is one of the best kept secrets in the travel industry. When people want to go on a trip they call their local agent who then reserves the trip for them at whatever the price is or book online with one of the big internet name companies. Although it is simple and convenient this can be a very expensive way to travel.

What Dream World Travel and Savings Club have done is brought to you the lowest pricing for all your travel needs. Be it a budget getaway or a luxury vacation at a five star resort. We have worked with our travel contacts and wholesale partners and have put together an online world class travel and savings program that will literally save you thousands of dollars a year for you and your family. You will be able to enjoy destinations like Hawaii and Mexico, weekend getaways to New York or maybe even a family vacation to Orland FL home of Disneyworld. The possibilities are endless!

Just pick up the phone and contact one of our friendly and professional travel specialists or send us an email and let us walk you through our travel and savings club.



Frequently Asked Questions/Financing

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the Travel Club price?  Are there any other fees?
    1. The travel and savings club one time entry price is $3997. Other travel clubs sell for 2x or 3x more.​
      1. There is an annual renewal fee of $99.  That is it!​
    2. This is a family lifetime membership!
  2. How do I join the club?
    1. Enrollment to the club is handled exclusively through IEA's (Independent Enrollment Agents).​ Just Contact Me!
  3. How do I know it is reputable?
    1. The travel club has an A+ Rating on the Better Business Bureau.​
  4. I really want to get into the club!  Can I use a credit card and pay over time?
    1. Yes!  Credit cards are accepted through Paypal at the address below, just click the link!​
  5. What about airfare?
    1. The club refunds double the difference, in cash, if lower airfare is found.​
  6. Will I have to attend some pressuring sales presentation?  Is this a Timeshare?
    1. NO!  This is not a timeshare.  NO sales presentations, NO blackout dates.​
  7. What if I don't find what I'm looking for?
    1. White glove concierge service is included.  Just submit a request through the site and let the experienced and helpful agents plan everything for you!​
  8. What if I want to get my family members in on the deal?
    1. Yes!  The travel club is a family wide membership for close relatives.  Some families split the cost into equal shares​ and purchase the membership together!
  9. Are the discounts worth it?  Why can't I just use other discount sites?
    1. The travel club is not just a discount site, it is an exclusive wholesale membership.​  Think of it like the COSTCO Wholesale membership.  One yearly renewal fee (and the initial entry fee) gives you access to everything that is in the club.  That's how you can but Starbucks coffee at $9 per pound rather than $20 per pound.  I can wear $110 shirts for $14.99.
      1. Airfare, hotels, cruises, condos, groceries, restaurants, resorts......the list includes 350,000 merchants worldwide.  These deals are not available to the public, only club members.
  10. What about taxes and fees?
    1. The site will show you when taxes and fees are already included.  ​


Types of payment accepted:

A great contact for a credit card: www.comerica.com call: 800-552-5070

Payments may be made through paypal using an approved credit card so that you may pay over time, this is also true of paypal credit if you qualify.